Hey! I'm Caitlyn.

Born and raised by two die-hard UCLA nerds, I spent most of my childhood frantically changing from muddy soccer cleats into tap shoes in the backseat. High school is summed up in one image: sitting in the back row of the theater editing a Biology lab on spinach in a full leather body suit during RENT rehearsals.

My once-compartmentalized loves for theatre and academia clicked at UCLA. I was filling my notebooks with Shakespeare to dissect in English class and perform in acting class. I was running from intense rehearsals to football games. I had the joy of traveling all over the country to sing with the UCLA ScatterTones.

Since graduating, I have been fortunate to work with incredible companies from Los Angeles to New York to San Diego. I am passionate about creating new work and bringing exciting interpretations of revivals to the local community.

When not performing, you can find me hiking all over Southern California, rereading Harry Potter for the fourth time, or on the hunt for the best iced coffee in New York.

To learn more about me, visit me on Instagram or Twitter! @ccalfas